2018 World Conference
on Timber Engineering

Aug. 20-23, 2018 Seoul, Rep. of Korea

Exhibition/Sponsorship Program for WCTE 2018 will be great opportunities to share technical developments and to improve international competitiveness of timber construction as a sustainable green building. Also, it is a chance to promote timber construction industries by showing their products and achievements.

We believe that many companies and organizations will enjoy more great opportunities to promote their products' advertisement and to build professional and international networks during WCTE 2018.

Please refer to following detailed information.

Exhibition¡¤Sponsorship Program Application

The application of partners and exhibitors in Exhibition £¦ Sponsorship Program extends to Aug. 31, 2017.

Applicant can apply for Exhibition £¦ Sponsorship Program after downloading, filling in, signing and submitting an application form by e-mail to the secretariat. Download Application Form

When the applicant for partner pays the deposit(10% of the total charge), we accept your application by Aug. 31, 2017.

Please find sponsorship agreement to get detailed information. Sponsorship Agreement

Exhibition¡¤Sponsorship Framework

Criteria Premium Partner Partner Exhibitor
Requested amount Upon request $10,000 $3,000
Exhibition space &
8¡¿2 §³ or 4¡¿4 §³
2 tables / 8 chairs
Electricity 220V / WiFi
4¡¿2 §³
2 tables / 8 chairs
Electricity 220V / WIFI
2¡¿2 §³
1 table / 2 chairs
Electricity 220V / WIFI
Included registration fees &
Conference Banquet
5 participants 3 participants 1 participant
Company logo at :
- Website(home)
- Posters, Banners, Etc.
- Conference Proceedings
- Slides Before Sessions
- Logo-Board in Exhibition Area
Yes<size A>
Yes<size A>
Yes<size A>
Yes<size A>
Yes<size A>
Yes<size B>
Yes<size B>
Yes<size B>
Yes<size B>
Yes<size B>
Yes<size C>
Opportunity for introduction Yes Yes  
Company advertisement
- Website(exhibition) *
- Conference Proceedings (printed)
2 pages
1 page
1/4 page

* WCTE2018 homepage will post the introduction of Partners and Exhibitors (500 words) with linked banner of their homepage.

Contact information on exhibitions and sponsorship :

E-mail: wcte2018_ex@wcte2018.krTel: +82-2-961-2953Fax: +82-2-961-2719