2018 World Conference
on Timber Engineering

Aug. 20-23, 2018 Seoul, Rep. of Korea

WCTE 2018 is organized by National Institute of Forest Science(NIFoS) which was founded in 1922 and is the leading organizational institute and the only governmental research institute in forest sector in Korea. It is mandated to develop forest science and technology for citizens' wellbeing, healthy environment and global forestation. NIFoS aims to be a global institute in forest and wood sector.

Conference Chairs

Chang Jae LEE

Jun Jae LEE

Kyong Ho Lee


Moon Jae PARK (Chair of Steering Committee)

Sang Sik JANG (Chair of Scientific Committee)

Host Organizations

National Institute of Forest Science

Korean Society of Wood Sci. and Tech

Seoul National University

Architectural Institute of Korea

Supporting Organizations

Korea Forest Service

Presidential Commission on Architecture Policy

Seoul Metropolitan Government

Korea Forestry Promotion Institute

Korea Federation of Wood Industrial Societies

Korea Wood Construction Association

Korea Wooden Structure Engineers Association

Korea Tourism Organization

International Advisory Committee

Keith CREWS (Australia)

Gerhard SCHICKHOFER (Austria)

Carlito CALIL JUNIOR (Brazil)

Frank LAM (Canada)

Juan Jose Ugarte GURRUCHAGA (Chile)

Minjuan HE (China)

Hans BlASS (Germany)

Nareworo NUGROHO (Indonesia)

Ario CECCOTTI (Italy)

Naohito KAWAI (Japan)

Jalaluddin HARUN (Malaysia)

Jan-Williem Van De KUILEN (Netherlands)

Andy BUCHANAN (New Zealand)

Andrea FRANGI (Switzerland)

Richard HARRIS (United Kingdom)

Borjen YEH (USA)