2018 World Conference
on Timber Engineering

Aug. 20-23, 2018 Seoul, Rep. of Korea
Conference Venue

WCTE 2018 will be held at Coex.

Coex has, since its establishment in March of 1979, created a forum of international exchange through hosting global exhibitions and international summits, and is in possession of high-tech intelligent systems and IT infrastructure. Furthermore, as one of the best exhibition/cultural/tourist venue, its pleasant environment within a Green building provides the best environment for business activities. This is the reason Coex is leading the convention and exhibition industry of the Republic of Korea.

The Coex exhibition and convention center, comprised of 4 floors, 36,007, has 4 professional exhibition halls A~D (divided into 12, can be run separately), and a convention hall that can house up to 7,000 people at once. Additionally, there are 100 conference rooms, and an office building that has a hi-tech management system and the best facilities.

Other than the exhibition and convention center, Coex is a multi-complex venue with numerous facilities such as the Trade Tower, the ASEM Tower, three 5-star hotels, the City Airport of Korea, a shopping mall, a musical theatre, a cinema, an aquarium, a casino, and more.

Coex will definitely be a place of memories and joy for the participants of the 2018 World Conference on Timber Engineering.